Business Communication - English IV - Instructor: Vassiliki Delli

Department of Business Administration

Type of Course: Compulsory   ECTS: 5

Course description

The aim of this course is to build up students’ general skills in business correspondence and communication. The course initially explores essential principles of writing in Business and offers guidelines towards effective correspondence and communication, stressing the purposes the latter serve in the contemporary business environment.


Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students:

1. will have introduced themselves to concepts of Business Communication and Correspondence (e.g. Business Etiquette, the 4 point-plan in business writing etc)

2. will have familiarized themselves with the format of commonly used business documents

3. will have been equipped with adequate vocabulary to practice writing business letters, emails, cover letters, etc


Course content

With regards to written correspondence, the topics covered in this course are:

-Office Communication Documents (how to write an effective fax, memo and email),

-Job Solicitation Letters (Application letters, Cover letters, CVs)

-Other Business Letters (e.g. Letters of Acceptance, Rejection, General Inquiries)

-Other Business Documents (e.g. reports, proposals)

-Meetings Documentation

As far as oral communication is concerned, the course explores the following topics:

-Interview Skills and Socializing Skills

-Meetings and Discussions,

-Telephone Skills,

-Essential Skills in Presentations


  • Final exam (80%)
  • Four written assignments related to business documentation (20%)
  • Participation and attendance

All the taught material and suggested bibliography are uploaded online (e-class)