Legal Framework


The Foreign Language Unit runs as an independent teaching unit governed by a bylaw statement approved and passed by the University Senate (171/31-08-1992), in accordance with Act 17, Par.5, University of Patras Bylaws (Ministry of Education Decision B1/482/14-06-1989).

The Foreign Language Unit is under the supervision of a board, whose members are the Deans of the University Schools and a Coordinator. The Coordinator is a faculty member of the Unit proposed by the FLU assembly and elected for a three-year term by the University Senate.

Our department collaborates with national and international institutions of higher education, research centres, public and private sectors, national and local governments in matters related to Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 

Its members participate in seminars, conferences, etc., pertinent to Foreign Language Teaching and Research, in journal article writing, and in authoring teaching materials and publications.