ENGLISH I MED- Instrucror: Theoni Kavoura

Faculty of Medicine

Course ID: MED_171 

Semester: 1st

Category: Compulsory

For Erasmus Students: Yes

ECTS : 0

Teaching hours:  2/week

English I is the first out of four semester courses required by the Faculty of Medicine curriculum at the University of Patras.  It is an intermediate English course covering  basic grammatical structures and introducing medical vocabulary/terminology.  Verb tenses often found in medical texts, passive voice, relative clauses, articles and modals are among the various grammatical structures taught in this course.  Also, short texts on health topics are included to teach grammar and vocabulary.

Course objectives

  • revision of basic grammar relevent to medical English
  • introduction to medical terminology/vocabulary
  • comprehension of texts related to health topics

Learning Tools

Notes from eclass