English Language and Terminology II - Instructor: Theoni Kavoura

Department of Pharmacy

Course ID: 32Y126

Category: Compulsory


For Erasmus Students: Yes

This second semester course is aimed at introducing medical terminology (formation, spelling, pronunciation, Greek and Latin plurals) and teaching basic anatomical terms concerned with body systems, their organs, structures and functions.  Also, ways to describe shapes, properties and location are dealt with.  Finally, other general vocabulary and terms found in medical english will be practiced.

Course objectives

  • understanding what is meant by medical terminology
  • introducing students to the structure of medical terms (prefixes/roots/suffixes)
  • understanding rules of term formation/spelling/pronunciation/Greek and Latin plurals
  • deciphering medical terminology
  • introduction to language relevent to body systems and their parts 
  • describing organs and other structures in the human body (adjectives)
  • understanding rules for describing shape, properties and function of body systems, organs and other structures of the human body
  • comprehension of medical texts concerned mostly with the anatomy of the human body

Learning tools

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