ENGLISH III PHARM - Instructor: Theoni Kavoura

Department of Pharmacy

English III involves the teaching of language, vocabulary and terminology related to the following subjects:  

  • Symptoms of Disease, Pain
  • Treatments of Disease
  • Diseases
  • Immunity
  • Diagnostic and symptomatic suffixes
  • Drug discovery
  • Using a pharmacology reference.

Learning objectives:

  • comprehending texts related to above the medical topics
  • using and understanding language and grammar (reading/writing/listening/speaking) in areas like: 'describing symptoms', 'a day at the pharmacy', 'lectures'
  • understanding and correctly using Layman vs Medical terms and language
  • correct use of verb tenses focused on texts related to 'describing symptoms', 'a day at the pharmacy', etc
  • understanding the meaning, recognizing and using diagnostic and symptomatic suffixes
  • understanding and using terms related to treatments of disease (eg. types of drugs)
  • understanding and using terms and language related to 'immunity', 'drug discovery' and 'using a pharmacology reference'

Learning tools

Notes from eclass