English Language Instuctor: Anastasia Chrysanthopoulou


  1. University  College   “Cardenal  Spinola”  affiliated to the  University of Seville / Spain,  May 5th to 9th  2003 

 Title of presentation: ‘Developing  Reading and Listening Skills within an ESP context”

2State College of Education in Baden/Austria during the International Week April  11th to 16th  2005

 Title of presentation:‘’ The Language awareness approach” and  a workshop  "Application of the LA in  the English classroom."

3.  Pedagogische Akademie Baden, Austria,  Intensive   programme   EARL  Ear and Language, March  20th to 31st,  2006 

Title of Presentation: ‘’ Entwicklung   von  Sprachlernmodulen  mit  muttersprachlichen  /   Ear and Voice-Training –Systems”

4. University of Education in Baden/ Austria, during the  International  Week  October 15th to 19th , 2007

  Title of Presentation:  “How has Greek influenced the English language?”

5.  University College ‘ Cardenal   Spinola”  Seville/Spain, May 3rd to 7th 2010.

Title of Presentation: "Exploring English Language and Culture: Finding out more about British Culture and improving English language skills using authentic English in context"

6. Escola  Superior de  Educacao do Instituto Politecnico do  Porto/Portugal , 22nd -26th April, 2013

Title of Presentation:  "Evolution English –loan words: the mechanics of coinage”

7.  Instituto  Polytecnico do Lisboa/Portugal,  11th -17th May, 2014

Title of Presentation: You speak Greek, you just don’t Know it!” :Coining of English words from Greek

8.  JAGIELLONIAN    UNIVERSITY  Institute of education, Poland , May 9th    to 13th, 2016

Title of Presentation:  " The   Greeks  have  a word  for it “