English Language Instructor: Vassiliki Rizomilioti

1. University of Cracow , Department of Education (Poland, 2011)

Title of Presentation: "Teaching Vocabulary with the use of technology I/II."

2. University of Baden , Department of Education (Austria, 2011)

Title of Presentation: "Academic language skills"

3. University of Seville , Department of Education,(Spain, 2012)

Title of Presentation: "Reading skills for advanced students/Exploiting short texts for language teaching."

4. University of Naples , Department of Education,(Italy,2013)

Title of Presentation: "Developing the skills needed for reading an academic article."

5. University of Faro, Department of Education, (Portugal, 2013)

Title of Presentation:Reporting sources in academic writing/Expressing levels of certainty and uncertainty in academic writing.

6. University of Porto , Department of Education, (Portugal, 2014)

Title of Presentation: "Academic language and its properties (I/II)."

7.  University of Malmo , Department of Education,(Sweden, 2015).

Title of Presentation: "Theory and practice of vocabulary teaching for English language teachers/Evaluation of English language textbooks"

8.  University of Olomouc , Department of Linguistics, (the Check Republic, 2015) 

Title of Presentation:  "Researching English Grammar: the Resultatives/The lexicalization of the container metaphor."